In response to recent news of theft and misplacement of museum artefacts, Abloy UK is highlighting the challenges of securing buildings and assets in the heritage sector and how access control can reduce these risks.

Lisa O’Flynn, account manager at Abloy UK, explains: “We are seeing an ongoing trend of museum artefacts becoming a target for crime. A report has revealed that more than 1,700 items are currently missing from museums in England.

“What’s more, an estimated 18.7% of all listed buildings are physically affected by crime annually, equating to over 70,000 listed buildings. Inferior key management systems are providing no record of who is accessing collections or buildings, creating a significant vulnerability in the sector.

“With invaluable artefacts at increasing risk of theft or loss, digital access control solutions are enabling those in charge of collections to ensure their security and have greater peace of mind.”

Abloy UK offers a range of high security solutions to keep heritage buildings and assets safe. One system proving particularly popular is PROTEC2 CLIQ - a user friendly access management system that enables remote key management and provides comprehensive audit trails on locks and padlocks.

The real-time audit trails show who has accessed which lock and at what time, making staff accountable. Access rights for keys can be updated remotely from anywhere in the world using the web-based management software, meaning keys can be immediately revoked if required.

The PROTEC2 CLIQ system is suitable for many different types of locking point, securing artefacts no matter where in a building they are exhibited or stored. The versatile system also offers flexibility and multiple access points are available, meaning constantly changing access needs can be managed with ease.

The system can grow with a museum’s infrastructure too. For example, if a museum is constructing a new storehouse, access control can be added to internal and external doors, as well as cabinets, display cases and other storage areas with ease. The system can be implemented on mobile gallery cabinets too, enabling off-site access management.