Siemens Building Technologies Division has added Siveillance Viewpoint for Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) to its security portfolio. Siemens says it is the first offering of its kind to combine danger management and select command and control functions in an integrated platform. This software allows security personnel to respond quickly and efficiently to incidents, especially in complex infrastructures such as industrial production facilities.

By combining fire safety and security disciplines into one platform, Siveillance Viewpoint exceeds the capabilities of traditional danger management systems. Due to the fact that the software offers advanced workflows, it helps operators make the right decisions when an alarm is triggered, even in highly stressful situations. This state of the art platform automatically prioritizes alarms and clusters them into events, enabling operators to implement the required measures purposefully and correctly. By correlating information from all subsystems, the software offers a clear and structured overview of events as well as of the entire detector landscape. Using georeferencing, the system intelligence allows individual detectors to be localized in three-dimensional space for full situational awareness and control.
Siveillance Viewpoint is designed to be an open and flexible integration platform. This means that each type of subsystem, including non-Siemens systems, can be added using an OIS (Open Interface Services) module and standard interfaces. This ease of integration allows continued use of existing structures and disciplines across their entire lifecycle, protecting customer investments by growing seamlessly with customers' ever-changing facilities. At the same time, all disciplines can be controlled in their entirety from one single PSIM platform.
Siveillance Viewpoint is particularly suitable for large infrastructures or variable-use building complexes, such as industrial manufacturing, educational and research organizations, multi-site companies, energy suppliers and administrative buildings.