Siemens Building Technologies Division is expanding its Desigo portfolio with the user-friendly Desigo Control Point. Desigo Control Point includes a variety of new web servers and touch panels, providing expanded operation options for building operators and users.

Desigo Control Point makes it possible to operate building systems from an easy to use graphical user interface, on any device. It is suitable for everything from room operation and dashboards to the operation and monitoring of the primary system. Depending on the field of application and customer requirements, different technologies can be used to connect them to the disciplines to be controlled. The TCP/IP touch panels are suitable for projects where multiple panels access the same data served by a central web interface, for example in conference rooms or open-plan offices. In contrast, the BACnet/IP touch panels can be deployed standalone in the BACnet network. The BACnet/IP touch panel includes a web interface for remote operation using a standard web browser on third-party devices.
The system also offers tools to visualize, monitor and optimize energy consumption. For example, it is possible to create energy dashboards for managing and analyzing the energy footprint of the monitored systems or to display consumption trends to the public. The most important data is logged continuously, allowing optimization measures to be implemented based on historical data and derived trends. Collected data can also be exported for further analysis.
Other system features include alarm forwarding via e-mail and SMS, creation of schedules, and simplified reporting. Finally, it has an integrated graphics editor and an extensive library with templates and symbols. The solution can display 2D and 2D+ symbols and graphics statically or as animations.