With the new Climatix C600 models the Siemens Building Technologies Division is extending its range of controllers for heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC). These are designed for complex applications comprising up to 8,000 objects, for example a ventilation with integrated chiller unit. The new model series includes easy cloud connection for digitalized services for applications like chillers, heat pumps, district heating stations, air handling units and roof top units. Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are thereby enabled to develop new business fields or to increase service efficiency.

A new high performance processor offers extended storage capacity for recording process data, alarms and user activities and facilitates reliable operation of large and complex plants. The on-board inputs and outputs are configurable, which makes the controller extremely flexible and suitable for almost all types of applications. The controller is scalable to larger size application with extension modules providing additional inputs and outputs. Extensive connectivity is a major advantage of the new controller generation. Climatix C600 offers all important communication standards for seamless connection to building management systems.
With Climatix C600, Siemens' OEM customers also get access to the Climatix IC Remote Servicing System. Climatix IC is a cloud-based remote maintenance system for HVAC systems. Prerequisites for using Climatix IC are low: an Internet connection to the Climatix C600 Ethernet port and registration of the controller. Once registered, clients benefit from remote access for diagnostics, optimization and maintenance. Remote access also allows optimization of service visits, leading to significant cost reductions, as well as shorter response times and thus enhanced customer satisfaction. To help customers and partners develop and implement their own software applications and services, the Climatix cloud delivers open application programming interfaces (APIs) and development tools.
Climatix C600 is equipped with two drivers for electronic expansion valves for refrigeration applications, optionally with super caps for reliable fail-save operation. Extra hardware is not required. This allows a space-saving design of control panels. Operation of the Climatix C600 controller is intuitive, based on a push and roll knob giving fast access to information during commissioning, operation or service. For high levels of security, applications and configurations are protected through passwords. Siemens air damper and valve actuators, as well as sensors for HVAC plants, can be connected at the touch of a button via Modbus to the controllers. Climatix C600 controllers are automatically detected and visualized by the Siemens Desigo CC building management platform.