Siemens has introduced a new version of its Desigo CC building management platform.

With its enhanced interfaces and communication protocols, Desigo CC is now able to integrate and centrally manage even more disciplines, making building technologies more transparent and efficient than ever. In addition, new applications and functions allow Desigo CC to be used in even more areas and simplify the operation of building systems.

The current version supports new interfaces and communication protocols that make it possible to integrate additional disciplines. In addition to heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), room automation, intrusion detection and access control systems, Desigo CC now also integrates protective devices for power distribution equipment, such as the Sentron 3VA molded case circuit breaker, can now be integrated in the building technology. The circuit breaker can transmit status messages and measured data directly to Desigo CC, allowing users and others to read the current energy demand of different loads within the building and respond faster when unusual changes occur.

Another new feature is the interface to the Simatic S7 industrial automation system for data exchange with production. This allows ventilation around heat-generating machines to be controlled based on demand. β€œThe new interfaces and functions help customers digitalize all the data in their building so it can be controlled centrally. This allows them to achieve energy-efficient and safe building operation,” said Christian Schreibweis, Desigo CC rollout manager at Siemens in Frankfurt.

The new version of Desigo CC also offers enhanced IT security. All clients and servers use encrypted communication and support trust center certificates issued by Verisign and Symantec. The platform can be integrated into a demilitarized zone – a specially protected standalone network – and works with all common firewalls. In conjunction with access rights defined for each user based on role and responsibility, Desigo CC offers maximum security for all the data collected in a building.