Siemens Smart Infrastructure has launched its new KNX switch and dim actuator N 525D11, 2x DALI Broadcast.

The rail-mounted device for installation in distribution boards has two Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI) outputs.

Thanks to a control performance of up to 20 DALI electrical ballasts (ECG) per DALI output, the new actuator offers energy efficiency and low commissioning costs during broadcast mode where all connected ECG, for example lamps, are controlled simultaneously. The new device has a wide range of functions to increase comfort for room users, such as colour temperature control and configurable dimming curves.

In addition, the actuator is able to store light scenes, send status or error messages, and provide switching cycles as well as an operating hour counter. The new device offers the best conditions for optimum lighting ratios in the room. In combination with presence detectors, which control brightness fully automatically, a simultaneous control of brightness and colour temperature can be achieved.