Siemens Building Technologies has a range of sensors for typical HVAC measurements and applications including temperature, humidity, pressure and air quality. They record and transmit readings in a fast and high-precision manner. Integrated self-monitoring and installation, along with service mode are some of their ingenious concepts which accomplish saving energy and provide cost-efficient control for the whole HVAC plant.

A selection of the highly versatile multi-sensors measures mixed gases. Digital correction algorithms guarantee clear and clean measurement signals. In addition, there is a reduced requirement for installation and cabling due to the multi-sensors available.
Optimum comfort is assured with regards to room climate. The sensors automatically compensate for changes in building occupancy, building usage or plant characteristics allowing for demand-controlled ventilation.
Flexible temperature sensors can be quickly adapted to the situation at hand using a number of different and easily adjustable measurement ranges. Siemens pride themselves on their sophisticated design with their strap-on, immersion and cable sensors which optimise control and make for short reaction times. The temperature sensors are simple to mount as well as being secure, saving time and money during installation.