Siemens Smart Infrastructure (SI) is launching its new RDG200 thermostat range for a healthy and productive indoor climate. Room automation is key for protecting and enhancing the occupants' health as well as increasing productivity at the same time for a safe return to work.

The new range follows this approach and includes two digital thermostat variants for temperature and humidity control as well as advanced KNX communication between sensors and actuators to Siemens’ building management systems such as Desigo and Synco. This ensures good air quality with peace in mind to have indoor climate under control.

Designed for most commercial buildings, including hotels, offices and educational buildings, the new RDG200 thermostats support all conceivable energy-saving strategies in rooms for more cost-efficiency, including occupancy-based savings via presence detection, key-card reader or system time program as well as different setpoint limitations.

With their modern design and the one-touch Green Leaf button, the new thermostats display the energy efficiency status and puts the user in charge of energy savings.