Siemens Smart Infrastructure has upgraded its range of SSA actuators for small valves by adding new features for more energy efficient and versatile hydronic room applications.

The updated SSA actuators now offer more flexibility due to their broad control possibilities - from analog control to KNX communication capabilities for room solutions and fast integration into connected systems. While using the same cable for communication and power, the customer saves time and cost. Thanks to the operating mode ‘nightmode’, the actuators are more silent than ever, with less than 28 dB. This makes them ideal for use in noise-sensitive areas, such as hotels, recording studios, meeting rooms and libraries.

As the cold season has arrived and people spend more time indoors, heating needs to be efficiently controlled. The updated SSA actuators are well-suited to meet this demand with ease of installation and operation. All new actuators are delivered pre-configured and are ready for immediate installation. The newly introduced IP54 protection rating enables all installation directions, including overhead installations, for greater versatility. The new LED status display on the SSA actuators ensures fast and error-free commissioning. It shows the position of the valve and different operating states, while helping users with various functions, such as self-calibration. The latter is particularly important in the event of power failure, where proper operation can be restored without technical support or manual intervention. This allows building occupants a comfortable stay without interruptions. In addition, self-calibration offers automatic stem end position recognition and ensures that the actuator always fits the valve correctly which leads to precise regulation and energy savings.

With new functionalities such as feedback signal and the possibility of switching to manual mode, operation has never been easier, time saving and cost efficient for the user. Thanks to manual operation or override, testing of valves and actuators is simple as the system does not have to run at all. Even emergency operation is possible in manual mode. But the major benefit for users lies in the newly added KNX communication capability of the SSA actuators. This enables the user application possibilities with room thermostats, as well as room applications with room automation stations or easy connection with control units. The updated SSA actuators reduce the need for wiring and effort, as one and the same cable can be used for communication and power, allowing optimized workflows. Thanks to two digital inputs, window contact, presence detector or condensation sensor can be connected, which leads to further wiring reduction, cost savings and also saves inputs/outputs on the controller.