Siemon has launched a new video that showcases the revolution going on in the walls and ceilings of modern buildings. This short video brings to life the concept of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the myriad devices now converging on a single IP network and being powered by advanced Power over Ethernet (PoE) technologies.

The new video takes viewers on a journey through a modern building to break down how a unified low-voltage network cabling infrastructure enables the connection and communication of more devices and systems than ever before via common IP-based Ethernet protocols — from security and LED lighting, to Wi-Fi and building system control. The video uses animation to clearly illustrate the concept of how previously disparate systems can now communicate to increase efficiency, lower energy costs and create unique user experiences.
“Through our ConvergeIT cabling solutions for intelligent buildings that include a variety of innovative cable, connectivity and zone cabling components designed to deliver reliable PoE and maximum flexibility in today’s smart buildings, Siemon has long been an expert in and advocate for integrated systems over a single unified cabling solution,” says Bob Allan, global business development manager for intelligent buildings and strategic alliances at Siemon. “We are excited to introduce a new video to help educate the industry on how low-voltage cabling combines power and control to building devices and LED lighting, leveraging the benefits of the IoT to cut cost, save energy and improve overall building control, management and security.”
To watch the video and/or view the on-demand webcast, visit: