Siemon says it is one of only a few manufacturers currently offering a wide range of CPR compliant cables across copper and fibre. Siemon’s range of copper cables have passed third-party testing and are fully compliant to Euroclass Eca, Dca, Cca and B2ca requirements.

The company has also completed all required steps to attain system 1+ certification for its cables meeting Euroclass Cca and B2ca with valid Declaration of Performance (DoP) certificates made publicly available at
With governmental bodies in Europe taking particular interest in materials used for commercial and residential developments, Siemon’s approach to manufacturing high quality, compliant products ensures support on all current and potential future CPR regulation changes currently in discussion.
IEC 60332 flammability ratings are now replaced by seven different reactions to fire performance known as Euroclasses. These are A, B1, B2, C, D, E and F.
“Following the recent tragic events at Grenfell tower and the potential risk that other developments have been exposed to, it is important now more than ever that contractors, developers and designers are only using CPR compliant products” reiterates Steve Metherell, Global CPR Champion, Siemon. “Major casualties from indoor fires are mainly caused by smoke and hazardous emissions. If not compliant, cables can be a catalyst for casualties. Our engineering and product development team have invested time rigorously testing our cables to ensure the safety and compliance for our customers. Siemon will continue to review and enhance our product ranges by adding more products to the range of class Cca and B2ca in the coming months,” he explains.

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