Simmtronic has launched a sophisticated universal sensor which combines high performance presence detection, light level sensing and infra-red control into one compact unit.

The company has reacted to the current trend of narrower luminaires by introducing the SPU.6-L, a new linear narrow body sensor designed to be built into luminaires and track systems.

The SPU.6-L case is specifically designed to align with the common 30mm width of control gear (LED drivers). Provision is made for multiple method of fixing the case, top and bottom surface fixing points and provision for spring clip retention.

The sensor can either plug into an LCM’s DALI line or E-Bus from which both power and communication are achieved. The sensor automatically identifies itself on either bus and continuously reports its status and current readings. SPECS Manager software can uniquely address each sensor and configure each control element to different lighting groups as required. Photocell readings and presence detection history may be dynamically displayed for all sensors connected to the system.

“The device was conceived because our previous small PD became too big with the advent of slimmer LED lights. Architects want clean ceilings in exposed services projects and this new smaller solution fits into most light fittings as it is the same width as the LED Drivers within the light fittings. The unit was designed to be easy to fit with blanking plates, or incorporated in end plates in light fittings, with lots of mounting options provided to facilitate easy installation within light fittings,” said Simmtronic sales director, Mario Costanzo.