Schneider Electric, has introduced PowerTag which it says is the smallest wireless energy sensor available, designed to enhance the monitoring of electrical assets. PowerTag is built to connect to a miniature circuit breaker, in order to add connectivity, and to provide building owners and facility managers with precise, powerful, and real-time data to increase the health of a facility’s strategic assets.

Designed for any type of building, the energy sensor easily monitors and measures, currents, voltages, power, power factor and energy. This first of its kind connection enables greater availability of electrical assets by providing the ability to better manage critical loads - leading to higher reliability and efficiency of the electrical installation. Data is sent wirelessly to a concentrator to display the data via inbuilt webpages or provide data for larger energy management systems or BMS. Data can also be leveraged to create customised e-mail alarms to assist facility managers with remote monitoring of their assets.
“Customers are more and more demanding for new solutions to meet the critical challenges of building asset and energy management,” said David Lewis, marketing development manager energy efficiency, partner projects, at Schneider Electric. “PowerTag provides the innovation to make asset and energy management simpler. The majority of circuit breakers can now be tagged bringing electrical distribution connectivity to a new era. PowerTag® can be easily fitted without the need for complex wiring or additional space requirements, in reality it’s a five-minute installation to add a PowerTag and you’re on and connected.”