The Smart Building Conference returns to ISE on 31 January 2022 with a packed agenda discussing the major issues affecting a sector that’s going through massive change.

The pandemic has underlined the importance of health and safety in buildings and, as office and retail buildings reopen, delivering peace-of-mind and confidence to employees and visitors is a top priority. Property owners and corporate tenants have been forced to rethink the way buildings are operated; notably, investment in smart building technology rose during this pandemic, particularly in areas such as automation and remote direction.

“If I was a systems integrator, I wouldn't miss this conference,” said Bob Snyder, conference chair and editor-in-chief at Channel Media. “It's so critical to be aware of the built environment and how it's changing. Ignoring how offices, homes, buildings and even cities are becoming smart is like piloting an aircraft and ignoring the weather. There are great business opportunities you can fly into if you're willing to navigate directions. And you'll hear from executives who have already made the trip.”

Speakers at the full-day event include Kathy Farrington, global lead for digital buildings program (BOS) and IOT team manager, Google; Matthew Marson, UK sector director – manufacturing + technology, Arcadis; and Erik Ubels, owner, Metisreal.

Snyder added: “One point I always like to make about our Smart Building Conference is that we consider the delegates an important part of our content. They continue to be the most active audience, not only asking questions but sharing comments and observations. Our delegates put the ‘smart’ in ‘smart building’ and want to be a part of the discussion that creates the future. That's a very different ambiance from what you see in most conferences.”

Smart Building Conference 2022 takes place from 10:30-18:30 on 31 January 2022 at the Fira de Barcelona. It is part of a rich programme of seven conferences taking place from Monday 31 January through to Friday 4 February. This also includes the Digital Signage Summit, Control Rooms Summit, Smart Workplace Summit, Digital Learning Summit, Live Events Summit and Superyacht Technology Summit.

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