T2M-Semi has announced the licensing of its partners’ Smart Lighting Platform “end to end” management solution to a leading European lighting company.

The Smart Lighting Platform Solution is a modular, customizable and technology agnostic fully integrated Smart Lighting “Planning, Commissioning, Provisioning & Management Platform” Solution. The platform is built on the solid technology foundation of production certified Bluetooth SIG MESH & Protocol stack SW, iOS / Android / Win / Cloud Apps, as well as SW embedded on SoCs/Modules, driven by a proven Building Management System (BMS). The platform is technology agnostic supporting any wireless / wired protocols including ZigBee, WiFi, Dali, etc.

The Smart Lighting Platform Solution enables building installations to be both multi-vendor & multi-protocol, leveraging the best in class technologies ensuring interoperability, providing products are certified to the underlying protocol standard. Lighting companies now have freedom to choose the underlying Product/Module/SoC from any vendor that are standard compliant.

The Smart Lighting Platform Solution implements a customizable workflow that allows the building managers to set the optimal performance configuration according to the location and zone in the building. Seamlessly connecting Luminaires with switches, daylight sensors, occupation sensors, motion sensors and even logistically track assets using Bluetooth 5.1 AOA/AOL location technology.

The cloud management platform enables remote management of the facility, using data analytics for preventive maintenance and even monetization. The diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive analytical capabilities, helps organizations deliver targeted digital solutions and gain full value from digital transformation. The Smart Lighting Platform can operate standalone or be integrated with a Building Management System (BMS) including integrated with a HVAC system for complete building energy management.