A major new survey on the use of connected technology by clients in the building services engineering sector, such as facilities managers, architects and consultants, has been launched by the Electrical Contractors' Association (ECA), the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE) and Scottish electrical trade association SELECT.

The ‘Connected Technology’ survey runs until Friday 9 December. The survey aims to establish the extent to which buildings have already adopted some form of connected technology – such as lighting, audio visual, fire, security and HVAC – and its likely uptake in the future. The survey also covers areas including cyber security and the use of Artificial Intelligence in buildings. According to Steve Martin, head of specialist groups at the ECA: “The value of the global Internet-of-Things market is expected to rise substantially to well over £1 trillion annually by 2021. As this vast market grows, the ECA and partners are keen to establish the extent to which building clients in the UK are ready for this technological revolution.” Carl Collins, digital engineering consultant at CIBSE, added: “The built environment stands to be one of the big winners from the Internet-of-Things, with virtually unlimited potential for the amount of information that can be gathered and harnessed from buildings. This survey will help us to identify which areas are already making strides, and which areas could do with more help.”

The Connected Technology survey has 19 questions and will usually take around 6-7 minutes to complete. It is open to all clients and building managers in the building services engineering sector, and runs until Friday 9 December. One of the entrants will be selected at random to win an Apple iPad Mini. Martin concludes: “We urge all clients and building managers within the sector to spend just a few minutes completing our Connected Technology survey, in order to contribute to analysis of this key growth area, and to have the chance of winning an Apple iPad.” The results of the survey will help inform on the current state-of-play in the industry, and lead to recommendations on how installers and clients, which also include property developers, and end clients such as housing associations and local authorities, can work together more effectively on developing connected buildings. The results will be released during the winter months.