To help industry better understand the deluge of intelligent devices and systems setting the energy sector alight, industrial automation components supplier EU Automation has produced a concise one page guide about smart technology. The guide is available for download from the industry guides section of EU Automation’s website

EU Automation's one page guide provides an insight into the smart technologies lighting the way to a more energy efficient future. The resource is designed for anyone with an active interest in the automation industry, who would like to know more about smart grids and their prospects for the future.
"Interconnectivity between physical devices and communication networks, like the internet, is at an all time high," explained Jonathan Wilkins, marketing director of EU Automation. "In the consumer tech world, this is resulting in two-way communication between our home appliances - like fridges, boilers and dishwashers - and ourselves, via smart phones and tablets.
"In the energy sector, the same advancements in automation and data analysis are making smart grids possible. Just as smart boilers let users know how much energy they're consuming, smart grids will be able to monitor the energy usage of an entire country in real time, allowing the grid to respond to changing demands. This also allows grid operators to make future usage predictions and better incorporate renewable energy into the system.
"Energy efficiency is currently an industry hot topic and so our one page guide to smart technologies and grids is designed for those interested in the future of sustainability."