SEaB Energy has developed a micro power plant that turns food and organic waste into heat, energy and water directly on the site of where the waste is produced. This generates an attractive revenue stream, eliminates the need to transport food waste to distant processing plants and significantly reduces the site’s carbon footprint.

This is becoming critical for new developments, as in order for them to comply with Part L of Building Regulations, their Building Emissions Rate (BER) or Dwelling Emissions Rate (DER), must be less than their Target Emissions Rate (TER).

Sandra Sassow, CEO of SEaB Energy, said, “Showcasing our game-changing technology, right in the heart of the capital, will allow us to demonstrate to businesses that their waste can be transformed into revenue and carbon offsets, even where space is at a premium. Not only does this make sound commercial sense but it also helps meet their sustainability objectives and lower target emissions for new developments. A big thank you must go to Cognicity, Canary Wharf Group and ENTIQ for this opportunity that will undoubtedly help catapult our sales expansion in other parts of the world that aspire to smart city status.”