The evidence is clear: physical keys are not the solution for a generation of students raised on digital solutions and convenient connectivity. Plus, the inflexibility of mechanical key systems places a huge admin burden on facilities staff. This is why managers at Funway Academic Resort student accommodation, in Madrid, chose SMARTair wireless access control system instead.

From a range of available online and offline installations, Funway selected SMARTair Update on Card electronic access control system. During the year 2017, 166 SMARTair Update on Card escutcheons, 6 SMARTair wall readers and 123 SMARTair e-motion cabinet locks have been installed at the site.
SMARTair is a secure and wireless access system that can handle high traffic volume through the residence’s common areas. It has devices suited to all Funway’s multiple door types, including lockers and bedrooms. With SMARTair, facility managers now have the flexibility to cope easily with a high and rapid turnover of site users: students may need access to Funway for one day, a week or a few years.
Student rooms at Funway are locked with SMARTair escutcheons. Energy-saving devices inside rooms control electricity use, and students each have an in-room safe fitted with a SMARTair e-motion cabinet lock. Students and staff open all their authorised doors with the same access card: the Funway gym, study rooms, games rooms, swimming pool and changing rooms, spa and staff areas are also locked with SMARTair escutcheons.
Wall readers have been placed strategically to lock the main entrance and car park. They work as updaters, so all users are “forced” to update their personal access rights every time they swipe a credential to enter the accommodation — meaning facilities management staff can be sure everyone’s smart cards are up-to-date, at all times, keeping the site secure.

Flexibility and control

The bundled intuitive SMARTair TS1000 software makes day-to-day admin easier for facilities staff. Adding or deleting a user’s access rights is straightforward so security is not compromised if a student loses their card, for example. Adding new student arrivals or deleting former students from the access system takes no time at all.
It’s also simple to generate an audit trail for any SMARTair device or user, guaranteeing facility managers stay in control 24/7. So, if a computer is stolen or equipment disappears from a study room, for example, managers can quickly check all accesses to that area to identify what happened.
And because all SMARTair escutcheons are powered by standard batteries, they do not rely on mains power, making Funway’s new access system cost-efficient and low-carbon to run.
"The system meets the expectations we had and offers very easy maintenance," confirms Mario Arias, facility manager at Funway.

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