The cities of Lyon, Munich and Vienna have announced the official launch of the Smarter Together project with a high-level meeting on 3-4 March 2016 in Lyon. Representatives of the three European lighthouse cities, the follower cities of Santiago de Compostela, Sofia and Venice, the observer cities of Kiev and Yokohama, local and international business organisations, academia, SMEs, and the European Commission will come together to present their plan and vision for a better life in urban districts.

The project will run for five years and has an overall budget of 29 million euro, of which 24 million euro funded by the Horizon 2020 programme of the European Commission.
To deliver smart and inclusive solutions and to improve citizen’s quality of life; Smarter Together is setting out to find the right balance between smart technologies on one hand and organizational/governance dimensions on the other.

The three lighthouse cities, all large and dynamic cities of similar size, will focus on five concrete areas of co-created and replicable integrated smart solutions:

Living labs for citizen engagement
District heating and renewable energy for low energy districts
Holistic refurbishment for low energy districts, addressing public as well as private housing
Smart Data management platform and smart services for integrated infrastructures
E-mobility solutions for sustainable mobility.