Solar photovoltaics (PVs) continue to be fast-growing markets especially as building owners grasp the opportunities on offer to save energy while making money by selling power back to the grid. The key to optimising their return on investment is the successful monitoring of either single or multiple sites.

Carlo Gavazzi’s newly launched VMUY-PV is housed in a compact 2-DIN module and allows the user to aggregate information from up to 10 VMU-C PV units within a single centralised interface. This effectively allows you to monitor up to 640 inverters and or 320 meters and 2250 strings. All information can be accessed from any PC using a standard web browser with no recurrent annual fees.
Complete with 32GB on board data storage which is substantial enough to store up to 30 years of historical data. To help maximise the production efficiency, VMU-Y PV allows estimations of the monthly savings/earnings based on the energy monitored which is calculated by its configurable contractual unit values.
All data can be viewed through the web browser which uses a highly interactive software interface, providing data export from selection of AC, DC and environmental variables in either xls or csv format. Alarms and warnings are logged and automatically emailed allowing for immediate action.