Sontay says it is in pole position within the building controls industry when it comes to their car park ventilation and lighting sensors. The GS-S and GS-S-CO sensors, which can be found in this year’s Sontay catalogue, are capable of ensuring adequate levels of ventilation are maintained in car parks and can also control a car park’s lighting.

An important requirement for car park sensing is ensuring that there is adequate ventilation in the car park. The GS-S and GS-S-CO ranges are a useful tool as they have the ability to monitor CO, CO2, NO2, and SO2. The GS-S is a range of 4-20mA loop powered gas sensors that are fitted into a robust housing and can detect NO2, O2 and SO2. With long term stability, the devices have a wide supply voltage range of 7.5 to 35Vdc and their accuracy is not affected by its positioning.

The GS-S-CO offers real time detection for carbon monoxide measurement and is available in Modbus compatible versions for smart communication. The GS-S-CO also includes selectable outputs; voltage or current and uses a long life electrochemical carbon monoxide sensor, which makes it specifically suitable for use in car parks, as well as loading bays and warehouses. The accurate and reliable range has a robust housing suitable for car park and industrial application and comes with a five-year sensor lifetime guarantee.

Sontay also offers light level sensors, which are ideal for car park environments. The LL-E-V light level sensor has a linear 0-10Vdc signal representing the lux level at the sensor element. It is typically used in lighting strategies to optimise energy efficiency through dimming, or if preferred, the disabling of lights, although both can be as required. The sensor has two selectable ranges of 10-2000 and 10-10,000. Lighting can account for up to 40% of a building’s energy consumption so it is important to optimise its use.