The family-friendly Club MAC hotel in Puerto de Alcudia, Majorca is providing its guests with increased comfort as well as saving itself vital energy thanks to a range of HVAC sensors from Sontay. Distributed by Globacontrol, the Spanish distributor for Sontay, and installed by local system integrator, SIRC BALEARES, the Sontay sensors are helping the hotel reduce energy consumption by an impressive 40%.

The Club MAC site covers an area of 100,000 square meters and is made up of three different buildings called Jupiter, Marte and Saturno. The hotel has 1024 guest rooms, which includes 953 standard twin rooms and a further 71 family suites. Every room has air conditioning and a fully equipped en-suite bathroom. With the control system spread across a large area, at three different sites, it was a complex project with very specific requirements:

“There were two key areas that we needed to consider when undertaking the refurbishment project for the hotel,” comments Bruno Alcaide Pérez, owner at SIRC BALEARES. “Firstly, the comfort of the guests in all areas of the hotel was extremely important and, secondly, the hotel wanted to be as efficient as possible to save both energy and money. We knew that by upgrading the current Building Management System (BMS) and installing new sensing equipment, we could easily answer these two objectives.”

SIRC BALEARES worked on a complete migration and expansion of the BMS for the entire hotel complex. To guarantee the perfect indoor climate conditions for guests at the hotel the cold production, sanitary hot water, air conditioning and lighting of noble areas of the three buildings are closely monitored using Sontay sensors. They are also monitoring the temperatures of around 40 cold rooms in the kitchens and electrical consumption is also recorded from 18 different points on the system.

The BMS is a Vykon N4 platform based on Niagara of Tridium and uses Bacnet/IP and Modbus RTU protocols. A range of Sontay temperature, humidity, water pressure and light level sensors have been installed throughout the site including space sensors on the walls as well as sensors within the water pipes, air ducts, refrigerators and on the roof.

The RH-1000-AH space sensor, RH-622 duct sensor and RH-632 outside sensors are measuring the temperature and relative humidity in a variety of areas across the hotel site. They utilise the latest high accuracy RH & T element and are available with active temperature and RH outputs, as well as a directly connected passive resistive temperature output along with other passive outputs.

The TT-341 immersion sensors are measuring the temperature of liquids in pipework whilst the TT-555 Flying Lead sensors are measuring the air temperature of the refrigerators within the kitchens. The PL-528-10-V static pressure transmitter is suitable for use with a large range of liquids and gases and is able to monitor 0 to 10 bar pressure. The LL-E-V outdoor light level sensor allows the hotel to dim or switch off the lights if no one is using the space to optimise energy efficiency. This sensor has two selectable ranges of 10-2,000 and 10-10,000 lux.

Bruno continues, “I have been installing Sontay solutions for many years due to their high quality, accuracy and competitive price. The sensors are working perfectly on this project and have enabled us to achieve the results the hotel required. The 40% energy savings is particularly exciting. We are delighted with the end result as is the hotel.”