Sontay has been running highly successful training courses from its head office in Edenbridge, Kent for many years. Now, to make it easier for those who want to take part in training, the company has launched a new e-learning platform so people can enhance their knowledge and learn at an individual pace with no need for travel.

“We are delighted to introduce our new e-learning platform,” comments Anne Avis, marketing coordinator/ event manager at Sontay. “Over the years we have honed our training course content and feel now is the perfect time to deliver e-learning modules. It is not always easy for our customers to visit our office and it means taking time out of their valuable working day. With these new courses, people can learn when they want and wherever they are. The platform is extremely easy to use, and we can’t wait for our customers to try it out.”

There are three 45-minute courses available on the e-learning platform:

Understanding BeMS Basics - Level 1: There are four main elements to this course including the fundamentals, which includes building characteristics, building loads and simple control theory. There is a section on controllers as well as an energy controls part with the final element about Building Energy Management System Architecture.

Understanding BeMS COOLING - Level 1: In this course, participants will cover, chilled water generation along with chilled water distribution. There will also be a section on energy controls, specifically looking at chilled water reset both entering and leaving the chiller and chiller sequencing. The final part of this course covers terminal units.

Understanding BeMS HEATING - Level 1: The four parts of this course includes hot water generation as well as hot water distribution around a building. The energy controls elements will look at weather compensation, boiler sequencing, flow limiting, boost, frost protection and system alarms. The final part is about heating system devices.