Spacewell has launched its new Workplace app. The app uses live sensor data to help employees navigate the complexities of the hybrid office in an easy way.

Recent research by Gartner indicates that about half of knowledge workers will continue to work remotely at least partially post-Covid; before the pandemic this was about 30%. KPMG also presented a comprehensive international survey showing 82% of companies leave the choice to employees whether to work in the office. The potential waste of space is substantial because office occupancy will vary more widely and assigned desks will be empty more often.

  • Organizations will, therefore, increasingly embrace workplace flexibility – including around seating. With its intuitive interface, and start tiles that users can personalize, Spacewell’s new Workplace app helps employees enjoy a frictionless hybrid workplace experience. The app shows real-time floor plans and occupancy of different rooms and workstations across different floors. From their smartphone, employees can:
  • find a free spot quickly
  • locate team members
  • see live how busy it is in a particular room or on a particular floor
  • employees can also check the temperature and air quality at their chosen locations, book the desk or space, and order catering and equipment, all in one go.

“I’m very excited about this release,” said Gilles Ghyssaert, global solution consultant at Spacewell. “Employees will love the new Workplace App for its intuitive interface design and its ability to make the workplace fully transparent. In the post-Covid era, there will be a shift away from assigned seating to shared spaces and flexible seating arrangements. In such an agile environment, the workplace app really comes into its own."