More speakers have been announced at the first Virtual Smart Buildings Conference which will be taking place between the 13-15 October.

Ian Ellis is marketing manager for Siemens Building Products in the UK and Ireland.

Ian’s session looks at how can buildings really help in the battle against the current coronavirus crisis to better protect people who use the premises by using building equipment and systems like HVAC and Building Management Systems as well as other systems in the building in an intelligent way.

On a similar theme, Toms Reksna, Aranet marketing and business development director will be looking at, ‘How micro-climate measurements can help making facilities safe’.

Toms states that there’s a growing body of evidence suggesting that the SARS-CoV-2 virus can be transmitted via small droplets and aerosols. They are dispersed while talking, sneezing and coughing and can remain airborne for several minutes. This means that buildings have to take into account ventilation and proper air circulation to ensure the safety of people inside. Come and attend our presentation to learn how microclimate measurements can help minimize the risks of airborne COVID19 transmission.

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