Carlo Gavazzi’s OptoProg is a battery powered device that is used to configure the WM20, WM30, WM40, WM50, and ET112, ET330, ET340 range of energy analysers via an optical port. This can speed up the commissioning process dramatically when the installation conditions are challenging.

The embedded Bluetooth 4.0 communication allows the user to connect a Smartphone (via UCS Mobile Android APP) or a PC (via UCS Desktop software) to the meter, allowing easy configuration and the display of the meter values. There is no need to for an additional power supply as the rechargeable battery guarantees up to one month’s operation.

OptoProg allows users to easily set up parameters, view variables numerically or as charts and carry out tasks such as meter diagnostics. Using the OptoProg, the user can operate safely with no need for electrical connections between the power analyser and the smartphone or PC.