Spica Technologies has brought to market Yanzi Health, an Internet of Things (IoT) sensor that monitors a comprehensive list of variables for indoor air quality (IAQ) & room occupancy in a single sensor.

This IoT sensor boasts enterprise grade security with automatic security key management using ECC and AES encrypted communication whilst being simple to set up and scalable due to standardized technologies in use. Yanzi Health also utilises hybrid mesh technology allowing for seamless data multi-hop between long- and short-range radios meaning data can be transferred more reliably over extended ranges.

Yanzi Health can measure includes fine to coarse particulate matter in sizes PM1, PM2.5 and PM10, Carbon Dioxide, VOC Index, temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, ambient light, sound pressure, occupancy and tamper detection. The innovative sensor also connects wirelessly or via ethernet to the Yanzi IoT Gateway with Yanzi’s “Zero-touch configuration” and can be immediately accessed via the Yanzi Insights dashboard, for analytical insight.

Addressing concerns for indoor air quality and space management has been a priority of Yanzi’s for several years. Recent data on the subject shows the demand for monitoring in these areas has not diminished. In Honeywell’s 2nd annual Healthy Buildings survey, 9/10 respondents wanted to be informed of their buildings air quality whilst building managers need to be informed on both IAQ while the Total Office Cost Survey by Lambert Smith Hampton showed that the average cost of occupying a new build office increased by 13% in September 2022 and for a 20-year-old building, costs increased by 18%.

When asked why this sensor was created Yanzi CEO, Mattias Danielson said, “The demand to provide great healthy spaces to live and work in has never been so important. We understand that managing multiple devices for measuring the different aspects puts a heavy load of client’s internet capabilities and systems that need to normalise and create action with the data. By having one sensor that does it all we’re making things simpler for everyone and still providing cutting edge tech that we’re known for.”