Spinview has announced a new partnership with Kvalitena AB to digitise its property portfolio and meet ESG reporting requirements to attain sustainability goals.

Spinview will help Kvalitena navigate the route to carbon-zero by providing meaningful sustainability targets using the data from its properties, and finding solutions to achieve sustainability goals within its property portfolio.

Understanding the corporate carbon footprint, and the different types of emissions, can be a challenging process. However, Kvalitena sees it as a crucial step in reducing its climate impact and achieving climate action goals, which is why it looked to Spinview.

Kvalitena’s Stockholm inner city portfolio contains properties built from circa 1901, many of which have no updated floor plans or models to generate relevant data. To rectify this, Spinview fuses unseen data captured by drones and scanners, as well as physical inspections, energy bills and spreadsheets, to deliver a comprehensive report containing an accurate floor plan, 3D model, and retrospective architectural Building Information Model (BIM). This information is then used to generate an embodied carbon number (the total Greenhouse Gas emissions generated to produce a built asset) as well as the operational carbon footprint, through the addition of Kvalitena’s water and energy consumption readings.

Empowered by insights from these baseline readings, Kvalitena will be able to set its net zero strategy and define measures to track progress, while also being able to build an ambitious, yet realistic, sustainability strategy for both its retrofits and property management.

With the ability to accurately report on current emissions and track progress against Net Zero goals, Kvalitena will also benefit from improved valuation, increased probability of better loans from banks and investors who focus on ESG, and enriched employment propositions for job seekers in this competitive market.

The partnership will see Spinview leverage the digital twins of Kvalitena’s properties to simultaneously support other departments including the facilities management, maintenance, design & planning, and refit teams. In turn this will digitise Kvalitena’s portfolio, to improve planning, boost efficiency, allow for live monitoring, and ultimately reduce operational expenses by transforming data into actionable intelligence for all parts of the business.