SSE Enterprise is the latest company to sponsor Smart Buildings Virtual Conference which will be taking place between the 13-15 October.

“It’s great to have a company like SSE Enterprise as a sponsor for Smart Buildings Virtual Conference. As a company SSE delivers energy and energy management, multi-utility networks, contracting and lighting solutions across the UK, and to have their expertise on tap for our delegates is a big boost for our event,” commented John Hatcher, conference director of the on-line event.

On top of this two more presentations have been revealed.

Neil Dolley, technical director at Sauter, will be talking about ‘the future of smart building technologies’. Neil commented, “Over the years building controls have advanced from analogue to digital, configurable to intelligent and today a new advancement is upon us where controls, field equipment and other devices are being engineered as “Smart”. To some the word “Smart” just means IP or IoT connectivity, but it should mean so much more! “Smart” brings opportunities, the start of true integration of all systems within a building and beyond. The opportunity to simplify the engineering process, identify plant maintenance before an issue becomes a problem, optimise energy usage by understanding how the building is used or maybe not used and the automation of everyday tasks. Tomorrow will soon be today and Smart Technology is the future, this presentation will look at the control technologies available today and in the very near future and how we can bring those technologies together to achieve the aspirations of a smart building.”

Schneider Electric’s Ursula Barr, digital power category manager, has a presentation entitled ‘Trusting your building’s electrical insights.’

She states that It can be tempting to shy away from smart electrical systems because they’re unknown – you can’t feel a voltage spike like you would a drop in temperature or hear harmonics like you would a malfunctioning air handling unit. Issues may go undetected but that does not mean that they aren’t causing downtime, reducing equipment lifespan and inflating your energy bills. This will be a discussion on how to use smart, analytics-based energy management systems to make your electrical system visible and provide insights into how to optimise your facility.

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