SSE Energy Solutions has been working in partnership with FM company Vertex Services Group Limited (Vertex) on the decarbonisation of the Minster Building.

The eight-level building, comprising multi tenanted office space, and on-site microbrewery and leisure facilities is a modern work and leisure environment demanding a high level of occupant wellbeing and building decarbonisation strategy.

Data is key to building energy optimisation. The challenge is often having a visibility of all a building or estate’s energy data. Our Smart Infrastructure Platform (SIP) delivers this. For Vertex and the Minster Building, the platform gives a holistic view of a building’s key data points, with visibility of the building’s BEMs control system and the onsite metering systems.

...we’ve identified low-cost measures to reduce carbon emissions annually by 7.2%

Through visibility of the building’s data, our Energy Management Specialists monitor, recommend and implement energy optimisation measures remotely. Working in collaboration with Vertex, we’ve identified low-cost measures to reduce carbon emissions annually by 7.2%.

Alongside energy optimisation, the SIP delivers a preventative maintenance feed using key data points in the building, including the 600 fan coil units (FCUs) within the building. We monitor the heating and cooling system fans using rule-based analytics enabling Vertex to continually monitor the units and perform preventative maintenance before the units fail.

The remote management capabilities of the Platform enable variation of temperature control in different parts of the building. We’ve enabled each tenant within the Minster Building to be able to control the heating and cooling (within set parameters), to improve occupant wellbeing.

For more information on the company’s data-driven approach to decarbonising and optimising buildings to estates and cities, visit Digital Services | SSE Energy Solutions | Distributed energy infrastructure.