ST Engineering says that its Urban Solutions business has launched AGIL Smart Energy Building, a next-generation suite of smart energy solutions that enables building owners to take a whole-of-building approach in energy optimisation to achieve total energy savings of up to 25 per cent, accelerating building decarbonisation.

Powered by IoT, Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and automation, AGIL Smart Energy Building comprises an integrated suite of energy optimisation solutions for building cooling, energy recovery, lighting, building automation and GHG emissions tracking. Its cost-effective, modular and scalable design enables easy integration into brownfield and greenfield spaces, maximising energy efficiency and providing quick return of investment to building owners. AGIL Smart Energy Building can be scaled to cover multiple buildings within an estate or township, significantly aggregating energy savings.

“Today, many building owners face challenges in making their buildings more energy efficient because of the limitations or fragmentation of their existing subsystems. Applying our expertise in sensors, AI and sustainable cooling technology, we have developed a revolutionary approach to optimise energy use in buildings that harnesses energy savings from all sources. In particular, AGIL Smart Energy Building targets building cooling - a major source of electricity consumption - and delivers a more targeted and effective response to real-time cooling needs,” said Gareth Tang, Head, smart utilities and infrastructure, urban solutions, ST Engineering.