Advanced Microgrid Solutions has raised $8.8 million of an $18 million funding round.

The San Francisco-based startup emerged from stealth mode last fall with a 50-megawatt contract from Southern California Edison to provide behind-the-meter battery storage in the Western Los Angeles Basin area.

Advanced Microgrid Solutions (AMS) describes its offering as a hybrid-electric building project, which will provide grid support to utilities and is technology-agnostic. The buildings, each equipped with battery technology and advanced energy management systems, will be aggregated as a fleet and then used to shift load during peak times or provide ancillary services on the grid.

The contract was part of SCE’s 2,200-megawatt procurement of long-term capacity contracts, including more than 500 megawatts of preferred resources including distributed solar, behind-the-meter batteries, automated demand response and energy-efficiency projects to meet the needs of the strained grid in the West Los Angeles service area.