Over the years the terminology presence detection has being understood as the detection of small movements. An example would be the movement of the lower arm of a person.

Steinel says it is the first company that has developed a true presence sensor that can detect a human in a room no matter if the person in walking, reading a paper or sleeping in his bed.

Key of this technology is a two stage process. It is looking for presence in terms of movements. If it cannot find movement it is looking for 3-dimensional breathing patterns (micro-movement resulting from vital functions). This “radar technology” is highly sophisticated and the very latest technology available in the market. The radiation power is extremely small and only 1/1000 of the energy footprint of Bluetooth.

This combination of a highly sensitive antenna with unique sensor software results in an almost 100% detection probability of a human. Most people hardly notice the presence detectors on the ceiling as it has a very unobtrusive and classy design.

The outstanding design indicates the revolutionary inside. True Presence is the flagship of the presence detector evolution and opens up a new era in sensor technology for intelligent buildings.

A number of interfaces will be available to connect the True Presence with key Building management systems including KNX, BACnet and IP.

Configuration is via the Steinel Bluetooth app or your KNX ETS software.