The latest additions to the Step Power series by Phoenix Contact series are Step3 power supply units that are now also sold on the Conrad Sourcing Platform. They come with a coated PCB that ensures functionality at ambient temperatures as low as -40 degrees Celsius.

Moreover, Step 3 PSUs both conform with a wide range of technical requirements stipulated by the industry regulators and with DIN EN 60335-1 standards. Which means you can also install them in residential properties, and, thus, comply with all the safety guidelines that apply to electrical appliances. In terms of e-mobility, this includes charging stations and wall boxes as well as the power supply to switchgear-controlled state-of-the-art LED lighting set-ups.

According to the company, the new power supply units are world-leading when it comes to idle speed and partial load efficiency (Level VI), featuring a COP of 94 per cent and an efficiency loss of less than 0.1 watts. This minimises any unwanted energy transfer in the form of heat. Their slim and compact design that complies with DIN 43880 standards and a performance improvement by almost 100 per cent help free up space in switchboard cabinets. The width of the new Step3 PSU generation has been reduced by a whole unit (1U) which makes them especially suitable for use on distributor boards.

Tool-free installation enabled by a 45-degree push-in design make commissioning a pretty straightforward process. Moreover, the PSU terminal now features twice as many contacts and comes with a retractable mount that allows fitting the product to both DIN rails and flat surfaces.