Stratus Technologies is extending its commitment to building management and security worldwide with the Stratus Always-On Infrastructure for smart buildings.

The advent of smart buildings drives the need to monitor and control many separate systems ranging from security, to IT, to lighting, HVAC and more. Using a virtualized platform is the only cost effective foundation to do this, but virtualizing can also mean a single point of failure making fault-tolerant virtualization an imperative.

Providing a proven, always-on foundation for smart buildings, Stratus’ industry-leading downtime prevention software, everRun Enterprise, combined with performance monitoring from Sightline Assure enables a simple way to virtualize disparate multi-vendor solutions and easily monitor the entire building management network – from servers to virtualized applications, to cameras, door locks and sensors.

“Smart buildings provide increased cost efficiencies through environmental controls, as well enhanced protection and access controls to protect the people and assets inside. But enabling the transformation to smart buildings can be challenging”, says Jason Andersen, vice president of business line management, Stratus Technologies.

This is due to the fact that most of the existing systems in place came from different best of breed vendors who all use different platforms. With the Stratus Always-On Infrastructure for Smart Buildings we are enabling a reliable and simple way to virtualize these disparate solutions and easily monitor the entire building management solution.”