This year’s Smart Buildings Virtual Conference has had strong support from its sponsors who have presentations and panel debates across the three days.

Below are details of their presentations.
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Schneider Electric

This year, Schneider Electric's participation at the Smart Buildings Virtual Conference will focus on three significant topics, building controls, power management and sustainability.

Join the company on day 1, 10.10am for its keynote session on how to trust your building’s electrical insights. Ursula Barr will demonstrate how to use smart, analytics-based energy management systems to make your electrical system visible, and provide insights into how to optimize your facility.

On Day 2, 12.40pm, the keynote session is based on smart workspaces, and how IoT is shaping the office built environment. The acceleration of digital technologies and technological innovation, the entrance of new generations into the workforce and the demand for more efficiency in buildings due to energy consumption concerns have accelerated longstanding approaches around the workplace environment, where traditional models of workplace design focusing on cost reduction and efficiency are being rapidly superseded by more dynamic, agile models that aim to increase productivity, collaboration and wellbeing whilst providing an increased operational and energy efficient environments. Join Matthew Wallace to find out more.

On day three, 3.10pm, the company hosts the Green Recovery and the New Workplace panel discussion, featuring Anna Hollyman, Neil Pennell, Adam Strudwick and Brett Spindler… this one’s not to be missed!


The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) and Smart Buildings 2020 Virtual Conference are teaming up, 13-15 October, to show you how Bluetooth technology is powering key smart building solutions.

Learn more about:

Energy Efficiency Through Standards-Based Lighting Control Systems (Day two, 2pm): Simon Slupik from Silvair will talk about how lighting control systems contribute to a building’s energy efficiency. Learn about the unified architecture of Bluetooth mesh–based networks extended with DALI/D4i intra-luminaire networks and the benefits of ease of commissioning, energy savings, and data reporting.

Creating a Safe Workplace Amidst COVID-19 (Day three, 2.35pm): Justin Bolger from Pointr will examine the role Bluetooth connectivity and IoT technology will play in enabling a safe return for all. Discover how to leverage Bluetooth technology to enable contact tracing, safe distancing, cleaning compliance, and occupancy management inside buildings.

Panel – The Future of Data and the Role of Intelligent Luminaries in Optimizing Building Management Solutions (day 2, 3.10pm): A panel of industry experts discuss the future of data and the role of the intelligent luminaire in designing and deploying advanced solutions to meet the needs of retrofit and modern smart buildings.

Particularly this year, we are embracing the latest in smart building innovations: including the role of data in managing built environments and how this can enable employers to make buildings healthier and more friendly to occupants and the environment itself.

Join the industry experts at Smart Buildings Virtual Conference this week as they discuss some of the most pressing questions facing the built environment.

Trend Controls

Trend Controls have two sessions at Smart Buildings Virtual Conference

Answering the Big Questions with Data Analytics – Tuesday 13th October (11:30 – 12:00)

Understanding the data available from a building management system (BEMS) has never been more important; particularly now we are seeing an increase in the need for flexible solutions to meet changing needs. Just how can your building’s data provide actionable insights?

Join the company's senior design partner, Anthony Dann as he answers these questions and more.

What is a healthy Building? – Thursday 15th October (10:00 – 10:30)

A healthy environment in buildings helps people and businesses get back to work safely and comply with new policies. From clean air ventilation to frictionless access and experiences that inspire confidence, there are many ways to improve your building’s ‘health’.

Join senior design partner, Steve Rainbow as he gets to the heart of healthy buildings.

SSE Enterprise

During the Smart Buildings Virtual Conference 2020, sponsors SSE Enterprise will be hosting two different presentations on the topics of Connected Controls and Connected Management.

12.05pm Tuesday 13th October – Connected Controls

Alex Park, energy management centre manager, will be talking about connection technologies and how remote services can improve building performance, evidenced with real findings from a recent installation.

11.10am Wednesday 14th October – Connected Management

Rob Mitchell, project sales director - South, looks at what questions we must ask ourselves for buildings to become truly smart, and how end-to-end thinking can help us to achieve this.

Following conclusion of each presentation our speakers will be on hand to take any questions you may have during a live Q&A.

We also have three subject matter experts, Kostas Papadopoulos, Eunice Mabey and Grant Widlake, available for virtual one-to-one meetings throughout the event to provide further information around SSE Enterprise’s smart building solutions and services.

David Brend, director of business development for SSE Enterprise’s Distributed Energy activities, commented: “The Smart Buildings Show is a key event in our annual calendar, and we are very much looking forward to supporting the Smart Buildings Virtual Conference 2020. We have two expert speakers lined up to discuss the latest innovations in smart buildings and how these can be used to support safe returns to work in the future.”

Further information on SSE Enterprise’s smart buildings approach is available here:


On day one, 10.45 am, Felix Gassmann, CTO, Sauter will be looking at the newest technical cyber security measures on building automation level, using network separation, control groups, process observation, BACnet Secure Connect and blockchain technology.

On the second day at 10am, Neil Dolley, technical director at the company, will concentrate on the control technologies available today and in the very near future and how we can bring those technologies together to achieve the aspirations of a smart building.

Finally the company has a panel session entitled, The Connect Workplace - Now and the Future with panellists, Chris Reid, managing director - Sauter UK, Claire Curran, managing director - Linaker FM and Andrew McKenna, operations director - Global Associates.