Whether it is the need to direct people to emergency exits, evacuate a building quickly and safely or to ensure working areas remain lit during an electrical outage, every organisation needs to be able to fully rely on its emergency lighting. To answer this need, Sylvania has introduced the new START eco Emergency range, which is specifically designed to provide high quality and efficient lighting for emergency applications.

“Emergency lighting is not just an ideal, it is a regulation,” explains David Neale, marketing manager at Sylvania UK. “It is vital that emergency lighting is designed and installed correctly and in working order. By ensuring that you are creating a safe working environment, occupants can carry out their role confident in the knowledge that they do so in a secure setting. Sylvania’s new START Eco Emergency range provides a reliable solution for all applications, helping you ensure your lighting system is kept up to scratch.”

The START eco Emergency range includes both maintained emergency lighting and non-maintained options and is available with the manual test function and a three-hour emergency duration. All products within the range comply with regulation EN60598-2-22 and offer a lifetime of up to 30,000 hours.

The START eco Emergency Exit solution is a double-sided emergency exit signage that can also be used as single-sided if preferred. It is also available in both Surface-Mounted or Surface-Suspended options. The Surface-Mounted version can be used for wall or ceiling mounting with a 90-degree rotation. The START eco Emergency Exit has a viewing distance of up to 30 metres and comes with a full pack of ISO7010 complaint legends.

The START eco Emergency Spot is a recessed non-maintained downlight, which is available for both open area and corridor applications. The downlight has a cut-out size of 35mm and comes with a polycarbonate housing and RAL9003 signal white bezel. The START eco Emergency Spot has a lumen output of 170lm, from a 1.3W LED light source.

The START eco Emergency IP65 Bulkhead can be installed in exterior as well as interior environments with an IP rated cable gland included with the product. As with the START Emergency ECO Spot, the START Emergency IP65 Bulkhead has a lumen output of 170lm. A full pack of ISO7010 complaint legends are also supplied as standard with the fitting to show Up, Down, Left and Right direction arrows as required.