Sylvania has unveiled a brand new wireless lighting control system, the SylSmart Standalone Scene, delivering smarter lighting for environments including museums, hotels, restaurants and retail spaces.

A flexible and future-proof lighting control system, the SylSmart Standalone Scene enables customers to wirelessly control their luminaires and tailor their lighting surroundings. An intuitive app provides quick and easy programming and the ability to easily adapt the lighting setup to change layouts, as well as configure and activate tailored nightscapes at the touch of a button. Contrast, colour, warmth and tone can also be modified, providing users with a very unique ambience.
Pierre Taing, director of Smart Lighting Solutions, Sylvania, commented: “Science and technology is constantly developing to elevate the quality of our lives in all aspects imaginable. One application that is growing fast is smart lighting and controls. However, lighting controls for scene setting solutions can be expensive, complex to program and install, or are lacking in flexibility and accuracy. In addition, many customers have existing lighting infrastructure, such as linear track systems, which cannot be easily or cost-effectively upgraded.”
“Our new Sylsmart Standalone Scene is an advanced solution that has been created in order to give the customers the choice of having their own desired lighting effect. The result is a discrete, precisely controllable, cost effective, low maintenance system that allows for energy saving and scene programming, to make guests and visitors feel welcome and draw attention to the product with minimal disruption.”
Replacing traditional and complex systems such as the DMX light control, the SylSmart Standalone Scene can be easily and quickly retrofitted, and offers flexibility to control each and every luminaire but without the burden of the cost. Dimming levels, colour temperature and colour of each luminaire group can be adapted for a unique and tailored lighting experience. It can be controlled from a switch with no new wiring required and features a timer to maximise the scene effects and ensure maximum energy efficiency.