Synapsys Solutions has launched the SIP Room Booking Interface, to produce a simple and efficient way of interfacing a system or source, which provides room booking and occupancy information, to a Trend Building Management System.

A system or source (xml file for example), provides information points such as room booking start/stop times, room capacity/occupancy, expected attendee numbers and actual attendee numbers.
This information is then passed via the SIP Room Booking Interface to the Trend controller. By being able to interface a system which records the actual numbers within the room; this in turn changes the conditions – dependent on the defined strategy agreed.
The Trend controller then ensures that rooms are not being over heated or cooled when unoccupied. Subsequently, this improves comfort levels for all room users, while contributing to large energy and cost savings.
Huge energy savings of over 40% can be achieved. One good example of this, is by controlling the room environment in a lecture theatre. The SIP Room Booking Interface determines the actual occupancy in the theatre, in relation to the number of people attending and for what duration, compared to just the seating capacity of the theatre alone.
Furthermore, interfacing can be in operation for up to 400 rooms with a maximum of four points per room.
Matt Gardner, business development manager for Synapsys Solutions said: “There is a huge demand for improved energy control within commercial buildings. We designed the innovative SIP Room Booking Interface to meet those needs, as a cost-effective solution, which results in substantial energy savings and significantly lower overall costs.”