Synapsys Solutions has announced that BACnet MSTP is now available within its SIP+ hardware as standard.

BACnet MSTP is a BACnet protocol communicating via RS485 and Synapsys’ new MSTP driver enables the SIP+ to discover BACnet devices and object types within the constraints of the BACnet MSTP network. These object types and devices can then be linked through to the SIP+ EMT (Energy Monitoring and Targeting) functions for data visualisation. The data from these objects can also be exported to SIPinsight – Billing/EBIS or other third party systems for remote monitoring, billing and analysis.

SIP+ EMT-IF also enables these BACnet MSTP object types to be interfaced to a BACnetIP, Trend BMS or via Synapsys’ new MQTT driver to third party MQTT brokers for IoT compatibility.

Sean Samuel, product support manager for Synapsys Solutions, said: “We are continuously looking for ways to advance our products and make them as flexible as possible for our customers. The introduction of our MSTP driver to the SIP+ hardware adds another significant feature to the ever increasing capabilities of our SIP+ range of products.”