Synapsys Solutions is calling on the industry to be smart about the way data is collected and actioned. This will be pivotal for optimising building performance in commercial buildings in a bid to meet the ambitious Europe 2020 targets.

The EU’s target is to increase energy efficiency by 20% and lower energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions by a fifth. Energy costs can be the second largest business expense after wages which puts energy efficiency at the top of the agenda for any business-savvy owner.
The choice of building services equipment can contribute up to 80% of energy costs which can make a huge difference over the long-term. Around 40% of a commercial building’s energy is on HVAC and approximately 20% of this could be easily saved through access to data which identifies peaks and troughs in energy usage.
Through analysis and interpretation of this data, strategies can then be implemented to increase energy efficiency and reduce costs, hence why data acquisition is vital in the evolution of intelligent buildings.
Synapsys Solutions has recently introduced a free CPD-Accredited Guide and presentation to Data Acquisition which will explain why we cannot simply rely on a BMS to operate a commercial building efficiently. In order to achieve energy efficiency on a large scale, we need to not only acquire data but also process and interpret it in order to facilitate behavioural change.
Tim Barnes, business development manager for Synapsys Solutions said: “Having a BMS in place to acquire data is only the start of the journey. Next, the data must be processed and analysed, allowing strategies to be put in place to lower energy usage and address business challenges. No two buildings are the same, therefore a one size fits all solution does not apply. A building specific solution is needed to unlock potential savings and improve overall performance. By providing building owners and users with access and full visibility of their data, we believe this will be the catalyst in encouraging behaviour change.”
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