Synchronoss Technologies has announced an agreement with Arrow Electronics to develop and bring to market a new end-to-end IoT smart building solution. Intended for use by telecom operators, service providers and system integrators, the solution will allow users to remotely monitor and manage key automated on-premise features and systems, including heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC); lighting; security; maintenance; and energy consumption.

The joint solution will incorporate the Synchronoss Smart Buildings Platform, which brings together data from disparate in-building systems and sensors into a single, unified dashboard. The Synchronoss platform aggregates and analyses the data in real-time to uncover new insights and provide recommendations to solve problems, improve operational performance and reduce running costs for buildings. This will combine with Arrow’s own expertise in creating and configuring hardware-based in-building management systems to provide a single, integrated package which telecom operators, system integrators and other service providers can offer to large multi-national companies and organizations to remotely manage their premises’ on-site automated features.

Unlike other smart building products, the Synchronoss-Arrow joint solution is truly global in its scale and scope. Current IoT-based smart building management systems depend on regional integration partners that cannot provide the international reach and connectivity needed by multi-national organizations with multiple premises around the world. The scalability of the Synchronoss-Arrow solution means global brands and organizations can use it to remotely manage and monitor their offices and facilities in multiple locations worldwide.

David Haight, president and general manager for global partnerships at Synchronoss, said, “Today’s smart building IoT solutions are too often siloed, inflexible one-off systems that are only designed to support individual automated features and functions, and which can’t integrate properly with one another. This new solution from Synchronoss and Arrow solves this pressing issue by aggregating disparate systems into a single interface. It also allows us to access new and important international markets in the United States, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region.”