Synchronoss Technologies, Inc. is partnering with Microsoft to deliver an industry-leading smart buildings solution. By leveraging Microsoft Azure and joining Microsoft’s Azure IoT solutions accelerator program, Synchronoss will develop and offer a best-of-breed smart buildings solution to enterprises globally. The collaboration will start by delivering a live proof of concept (PoC) to global technology services provider Rackspace, deploying a smart buildings service to monitor, control, and optimize energy usage and reduce costs at Rackspace’s San Antonio headquarters, which spans more than one million square feet.

Rackspace collaborated with Synchronoss to architect, design and deploy its Azure IoT environment based on industry best practices to ensure optimal scalability and security. Synchronoss and Microsoft will now combine their expertise in cloud computing and IoT service enablement to collect and analyze data feeds from numerous sources within Rackspace’s headquarters. The combined IoT smart buildings enablement platform covers everything from heating and air conditioning to lighting, maintenance and security.

Synchronoss’ smart buildings solution is powered by advanced diagnostics and analytics capabilities. It can be used to analyze a single building or seamlessly link multiple buildings within the same company or a city to create an intelligent network of buildings. It will provide Rackspace with a single pane of glass dashboard, combining disparate systems to create a unified view of all its energy and building systems. The Synchronoss platform includes predictive fault detection capabilities and near real-time alerts which will automatically flag energy usage inefficiencies to Rackspace through persistent diagnostics. The resulting in-depth analysis and benchmark reporting of business energy patterns and performance will aim to drive cost savings of between 12 percent and 20 percent for Rackspace per building.

“Energy conservation and efficiency is a key priority at Rackspace,” said Allan Nelson, director, global facilities, Rackspace. “The overall reductions in energy use and resulting costs offered by the Synchronoss smart building solution are truly staggering. We expect to be deploying the solution across all our global facilities in the very near future.”

“Synchronoss has achieved global market traction for its IoT building management platform,” said Rodney Clark, vice president of IoT and mixed reality sales at Microsoft. “The solution leverages Microsoft Azure IoT services to provide a highly secure, extensible and intelligent ways to help make both new and existing buildings smart. We are excited to see Synchronoss’ IoT solutions deliver real value to our mutual customers in the smart buildings space and beyond.”

“We are so delighted to be partnering with Microsoft to help businesses leverage the capabilities of IoT and big data analytics to simplify and centralize the effective management of their buildings,” said Mary Clark, CMO at Synchronoss. “Smart buildings is one of many IoT use cases that we hope to enable in partnership with Microsoft, and we look forward to what comes next. By leveraging the capabilities of Microsoft Azure, not only do we benefit from powerful cloud computing, but also from access to an international sales channel to a wide variety of global enterprises.”