In a recent ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions research survey, respondents identified a need for access control beyond the door — at “non-door” points such as gates, cabinets, lockers and machinery*. Now eCLIQ’s vast range of wireless cylinders fills these important security gaps, ensuring diverse assets and the people who use them are kept as safe as possible. An eCLIQ cylinder can extend access control far beyond the door.

The broad eCLIQ cylinder range brings almost any opening into an electronic access system, helping filter authorised access to assets just as it does with doors. When you switch mechanical locks for eCLIQ cylinders, access to all areas and assets is managed from the same interface. Security managers no longer waste time running electronic and mechanical systems in parallel. Fully electronic, intelligent eCLIQ cylinders can lock many more kinds of opening than just doors.

They can protect lifts, server racks, furniture, sliding doors, mailboxes, cabinets and more — with the same level of control as sensitive doors. Certified and available in multiple sizes and formats, eCLIQ cylinders maintain compliance with local and regional regulations.

And because eCLIQ keys are powered by standard batteries, they can take electronic access control anywhere — far beyond the reach of standard wired locks. Cylinders are available with an optional dust and rain protection cap for weather resistance; they operate safely between –25C and 85C. Padlocks are deployed outdoors in almost every environment, however harsh.

The trusted convenience of keys plus the power of electronic access control

Attack-resistant locks with encrypted electronics work together with durable, reversible, compact, and waterproof (IP67) keys to make every eCLIQ installation thoroughly secure.

Keys are easy to reprogram using one of multiple administration software solutions from the ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions portfolio, such as the CLIQ Web Manager or CLIQ Local Manager. It is simple to set temporary or time-restricted access permissions for every employee or contractor. AES encryption, rapid processing and efficient energy management are built into the chip. When a key’s battery runs out, the key-holder can quickly replace it without tools.

Managing eCLIQ locks for doors and “non-doors” together is straightforward. Administrators program access permissions with the intuitive software and load keys instantly with the desktop programmer. Key-holders on the move update or revalidate their access rights using a portable programmer, wall-mounted programmer or via Bluetooth with the CLIQ Connect smartphone app.

Plus eCLIQ is a modular system. You can gradually replace mechanical locks with eCLIQ cylinders as budgets allow, steadily extending the reach and usefulness of an electronic access control system.

Managing mechanical locks alongside an electronic access system eats up administration time. With eCLIQ key-operated electronic cylinders, users enjoy the convenience of handling one programmable key, not multiple mechanical keys. A single access system controls every key-operated lock — intelligently and electronically.

With eCLIQ, nobody wastes time hunting for the right key. It’s already in their pocket.

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*: download the report for free at https://campaigns.assaabloyope...