The KNX UK Awards have shown what can be achieved using KNX.

The 2018 KNX UK Awards Winners are:

Commercial Installation of the Year
Winner: IBT Controls for Newcastle University – Urban Sciences Building
A holistic approach to energy saving and monitoring, meeting current standards while enabling architects to realise futuristic new concepts for building use.

Residential Installation of the Year – Single Dwelling
Winner: Sagar Smart Homes for Narrow Street
This residential project called for the creativity that KNX unlocks in dealing with unique lighting and space challenges. The team used AI to learn the occupants’ habits and optimise control and devised a new solution to take advantage of the building’s natural solar gain.

Highly Commended: Harris Grant for Amels Superyacht project
Apart from the obvious glamour of the project, this is a great example of how KNX requires less cabling. It also demonstrates the importance of an open protocol, guaranteed compatibility and global each. Yacht owners and operators know that, in the unlikely event of device failure or if they want to amend or extend the system, products can be soured anywhere.

Residential Installation of the Year – Multi Dwelling Unit
Winner: Ark M&E for Chelsea Island
KNX was a latecomer at Chelsea Island really, but the project team were determined add it once the benefits of a modular KNX approach to apartment living and management were explained. In an ideal world, KNX will be on the M&E engineers’ table at master planning stage, but here
Ark M&E’s success shows how easily it KNX dovetails with a project workflow – even when introduced at a late stage.

Product of the Year
Winner: Theben DM 8-2 T 8 Way Universal Dimmer
Nominated by installers, this product meets a core need - dimming – with extra functionality and an innovative space-saving design.

Highly Commended: B.E.G. PICO DX KNX Presence Detector
Small and discrete in size but with a large detection area, this multi light-channel detector has a built-in temperature sensor and logic channels.

KNX Champion of the Year
Winner: Martin Hawley, Ivory Egg
Each year the KNX UK Association recognises individuals who have gone the extra mile in helping the industry to catch up with KNX. This is always a hard choice as the Association has a remarkably enthusiastic. However, this year, the final vote was for Martin Hawley for his tireless work in spreading the word, including his work with universities and colleges to tell the next generation what’s possible.