Given the dramatic increases in utility costs and the forecast for future price hikes, energy management is now an issue in all organisations.

However, the energy management needs of organisations large and small are changing faster than ever. More remote working and digital meetings are reducing energy demand and emissions in many commercial buildings, while operations are becoming smarter.

Technologies like IoT are crucial in helping us advance to the buildings of tomorrow, providing spaces that respond intuitively to our requirements and adjust automatically. With the growing awareness of sustainability, energy efficiency also plays an important role in smart buildings. Some will find it challenging to balance sustainability objectives with profitability.

So, what can be done today? Considering that heating and cooling accounts for 20-40% of energy costs in a typical office environment, monitoring and optimization should be at the heart of every organisation’s strategy. Continuous monitoring and management of HVAC and lighting, the largest users of energy in modern buildings, can prevent up to 20% building energy drift per annum, caused by unexpected and unscheduled change in the level and type of usage. Unpredicted changes in weather conditions, and fluctuating occupancy rates is something that is becoming more prevalent with the increased demand for remote working.

ABB Cylon Webinar: In this presentation on June 7th, 2022, ABB aims to show how the use of smart building systems can benefit both building owners and occupants. Our focus will be on Cylon BMS, Emergi-Lite, energy management and ABB i-bus KNX, which help to ensure that mechanical and electrical systems work as efficiently as possible to create the safe, comfortable, efficient and productive environment required. Register now for June 7th, 2022, 09.30-10.45 A.M. and learn more.