Mosley Street in Newcastle. The first street in the world to pioneer electric lighting, and now more than a century on, it is set to achieve another feat as the UK’s ‘smartest’ street.

Announced by Cisco, Newcastle City Council, Connexin, Mayflower and Quantela, throughout the Great Exhibition of the North, Mosley Street and the connecting Neville Street will be home to Internet of Things (IoT) sensors that will help showcase the amazing possibilities that smart places create for people living and working in them.
The project will combine live and historic data on the street from several sources, including Newcastle University’s Urban Observatory, home of the UK’s largest set of real-time urban data, to showcase the value of connecting data for the benefit of individuals, organisations and the city. For example, combined insight into pollution, waste disposal and traffic data will allow the city to make decisions to help improve the environmental health of the area.
From 22nd June until 9th September, visitors to Newcastle will be able to experience a number of applications of smart city technology. These will be available either at the smart street installation, or through data displayed on screens throughout the city and integrated with the exhibition wayfinding App. All of the applications are facilitated by Cisco Kinetic for Cities, which provides one platform for all smart city use cases.