Mackwell has launched an update to its successful XYLUX LR4 luminaire.

XYLUX LR4 is now available with three custom designed lenses that allow for market competitive spacings of over thirteen metres for anti-panic, escape route and emphasis lighting situations. The incorporation of an emphasis lens ensures that suitable light can be directed at specific points, as required in BS 5266 for areas such as first aid, firefighting and call points. In addition to providing the required light levels the XYLUX LR4 incorporates Mackwell’s unique Origin technology.

As with all emergency luminaires the parasitic power must be taken into account as they spend 90% of life in a ‘normal’, not activated mode. The XYLUX LR4, once it has ensured the battery is fully charged and ready for an emergency situation enters its normal SmartCharge mode where its power consumption drops to half a watt. Construction inhibit and voltage monitoring allow the unit to self-diagnose and hold back emergency operation in times where the building is not fully commissioned or increase emergency time to fully cycle batteries at pivotal times in their lifetime. During the life of the product Mackwell’s 8 to 1 regime ensures that for each minute the battery is in emergency, it is charged eight minutes rather than for an entire 24 hour cycle. This supports the lifetime if the battery.

The final piece of technology designed into the XYLUX LR4 luminaire is post installation diagnostics as part of the Origin technology. To both combat and learn from the sometimes challenging environments all emergency lighting products are placed into the XYLUX LR4 records a myriad of data to influence future designs. The data recorded by the technology include mains supply quality, including voltage fluctuation and switching events, and testing management to ensure testing is taking place at the correct intervals and not being abused by either neglect or overzealous testers.