Synapsys Solutions has launched the SIPslice M-Bus Level Converter which provides an easy interface between third party M-Bus meters and any compatible M-Bus master for data collection and processing.

The SIPslice M-Bus Level Converter provides a link between M-Bus devices such as energy, electricity, gas and water meters and compatible M-Bus masters, such as the SIPe M-Bus M-Logger, SIP M-Bus Trend interface or other integration technologies.
It is designed for receiving and transmitting data from multiple 1.5mA meter loads utilising the M-Bus protocol, and its small footprint and connection capacity for 3-250 M-Bus slave devices ensures it helps to meet the demand for better energy control.
The SIPslice M-Bus Level Converter supports M-Bus communications via RS232 and RS485 in applications where there is a requirement for data transfer over longer distances.
Matt Gardner, business development manager for Synapsys Solutions said: “The increase in the costs of running a commercial building has led not only to a demand for more information, but also to a need to utilise the information which is provided by a building.
“The SIPslice M-Bus Level Converter meets this need by allowing different metering and control solutions to communicate through a simple interface and as a result make an effective contribution to a reduction in energy usage.”